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Saving the Rain Forest

We recognize that the very livelihood of our company relies on the health and well-being of our source aquifer and its surrounding environment. That’s why we have partnered with Conservation International and committed to preserve the Sovi Basin, Fiji’s largest remaining unprotected rain forest. Deforestation is responsible for an estimated 20% of total global carbon emissions, second only to power generation, and more than the emissions of all the world’s cars, trucks, planes, and ships combined. FIJI Water’s efforts in the Sovi Basin represent a significant action in fighting climate change.

Our contribution has already prevented logging in the area, a major threat to the Sovi Basin, and is funding a permanent endowment that will preserve the rain forest in perpetuity. The ecological benefits are vast and multifaceted: the Sovi Basin lies within the Polynesia-Micronesia biodiversity hotspot, one of only 34 such biodiversity hotspots around the world, hosting over 3,300 unique and often endangered species, many of which will now be protected; important watersheds will be safeguarded in the region, improving water quality and availability for local communities; and 10 million metric tons of CO2 will be sequestered from the atmosphere by eliminating logging threats, equivalent to keeping 2 million cars off the road for a year.